Fantasia Light Circus
Nektar Lightshow

The legendary Fantasia Light Circus was based out of Wimbledon, London between 1967-1969.
Consisted of:
Mick Brockett (aka Mick Stanton-Hendry)
Ginger Mick
John Hilton - Starr (Sir John).

Equipment included seven Aldis Tutor Ones, strobes, 16mm and others.
Toured Clubs and "discos" in Denmark, Germany, Holland and UK.
Highlited at "1968 Flight to the Lowlands Paradise" 3-day concert in Utrecht Holland, covering Pink Floyd, Pretty Things, Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, Nice, and many others. Also covered Fleetwood Mac and other bands at the German Pop & Blues Festival in the Grugahalle in 1969.
Ginger Mick and Sir John returned to UK. Meanwhile Mick B, and his equipment had met a band called "Prophecy", which in December 1969 became Nektar.
Mick then joined the group as a fifth member in January 1970. From using liquids and slides alone, Mick later had Keith Walters (71-72) and Peter Lango (73-76) assist with an upgrade to carousels, 16mm movies and a laser, which by 1975 had expanded to a triple screen, totally
choreographed show with 16 projectors.

Nektar disbanded in 1977, Mick retired.... until a Nektar re-union was organised in 2001, so out of the attic came some ancient technology, but it all worked well enough for video to replace the 16mm. The liquids hadn't been seen like this in 25 years, so a new generation can now witness a 1000 watt Aldis Tutor One play a guitar solo.

PS.. The "Ginger" Mick mentioned was Mick Foreman... with me in 68/69, and also there is one more name.... Rab Murdoch, who was my carousel advancer (I used two triple banks of carousels, = 2 per screen on the triple screens) and was "roadie" and troubleshooter for my equipment from 72-75. Honorable mentions to Klaus Holitzka and Helmut Wenske for much of the artwork that I
transformed to slides.

Mick Brockett - New Jersey, USA - June 2003.
Images courtesy Mick Brockett via - The Unofficial Nektar of the Gods Lightshow. Copyright, all rights reserved.




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