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Started Sahara Farm Light Show with Charley White - Slough, Berks, England late 60's - parted ways as he went on to make Sahara Farm more of commercial, much less artistic enterprise, working especially for bands such as Uriah Heep. But SF were popular on account of very repetetive brightly colioured hypnotic flashing graphics all projected onto single screen behind bands using 8 rank Aldis Tutor II's. behind colour wheels - Yawn

I found it boring - moved on, forming 'Heavy Eric' sometimes also known as Eric's Cranium Lights and Soma Lights doing all or most major gigs in and around Windsor, Slough, Maidenhead area, which of course had a big 'head' scene and was home of 'Digger Action Movement' led by Sid Rawle - self confessed king of the hippies - Wasn't publicity seeking, but effectively dominated the LS scene - worked with many name and fringe bands + had club residencies - worked with David Bowie, Gnidrolog, Hawkwind , Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Mott Hoople, Genesis, Flo & Eddie - many many more Eventually did tour with Tangerine Dream 1975 ish then moved into other areas of the visual arts.

Did several arts based experimental events for local arts festival - was considered by many bands/concert organisers as one of the most artistically interesting - invented some v. orginal effects - often had media write ups --- e.g. 'Guitar among the tadpoles' - headline for feature about concert - Gordon Giltrap Band, Osibisa and Al Stewart Band all on same bill !!!!. For the Osibisa set, whole place was filled with still images of lush African jungle greenery - whilst several OHP's had bowls full of tadpoles on top - whole place was immersed with the living images - all through purple filter.

Crazy days - moved on, concentrated on travelling the world and pussy fun - all despite offers/opportunities to settle (?)work with some big names --- still have some great effects and kit left in the garden studio/shed - would be glad to collaborate on a project or two, if worthwile.

Geoff L - October 2003




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