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The 27th June 1986 saw what was to be the last Alice In Wonderland Magical Mystery Trip in an event fraught with problems.

We cannot seem to find the handbill for this event (it may turn up somewhere) but from memory we met again at Speakers Corner in Londonís Hyde Park and the gathered trippers and freaks boarded some chartered coaches for the mystery destination.....

pOoTer and Dr. Sandoz were unlucky enough to get a coach driven by a Turkish driver who did not know his way around London and we spent at least two hours trying to find our way out of London.

To top this off, he also did not his way to the destination (which turned out to be Lowestoft Pier). We arrived hours and hours later having missed several bands and were met by an apologetic Christian, who obviously felt very bad about the whole thing.
As usual there were several different rooms, with the Alice In Wonderland Psychedelic Disco up in a balcony room and the main hall down below where the bands played. On the bill were Doctor and The Medics, Voodoo Child, The Golden Horde (I think) and for some strange reason, Mournblade (who played extremely loudly in the early hours of the morning!!). It is also possible that the Magic Mushroom Band and maybe Webcore played........can anybody confirm this ????
Voodoo Child put in one of the best performances of their (sadly short) career, the bass player Steve dressed in an awesome pair of electric blue flares and wielding an awesome twin neck bass guitar. Vocalist/Guitarist supremo Ricky Powell was Hendrix incarnate, machine gunning the crowd with his Fender and playing with his teeth and behind his back.
Overall this was not the best of the Mystery Trips and the problems were not over as some of the coach drivers refused to take punters back the next morning and some trippers even got left behind I think.
Christian fully intended doing another Mystery Trip and we were among the many who would have had complimentary tickets.
Sadly for reasons unknown, there were no more Magical Mystery Trips and this marked the end of an era.
All was not completely lost as the series of All Night Psychedelic Film Festivals at Londonís Scala Cinema continued for a little while longer and often captured much of the atmosphere of the Mystery Trips...........







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