The Temple
Wardour Street - London

Why has no one mentioned the seedy confines of Wardour Street's "The Temple"??

It ran at 33-37 Wardour Street, London W1 for about two years between 1969 and 1971 at the same time as The Midnight Court and if we didnt like that week's lineup at The Court we would go to The Temple.

Groups I saw were Mott The Hoople, Black (who had everything black! including their amps, guitars, clothes and hair!!!!), Pax, Ginger, who had a great little goblin singer! and always dressed like Robin Hood's band of Merry Men..., Radhna Krishna Temple, The Kult who
I was very friendly with (I was then playing with Basildon's "Mind Protection" who infact were Basildon's only psychedelic band....(Southend had "Victorias Plum"!) May Blitz, Bram Stoker, Gnidolog, Blonde on Blonde, Forest, My Cake, Knocker Jungle, Clark Hutchinson, Raw Material, Warlock, Black Cat Bones, Urban Clearway, Noir, Steamhammer, Sam Gopal, The Groepe, Pete Brown and Piblokto, Trader Horne, High Tide, Wildmouth, Gentle Giant, Kiss, Tear Gas, Caravan, Mirrors, Orang Utang, Boris, Paint Box, Yellow, Satisfaction, Charge,
Green Sun, Fusion Orchestra, Squid, Stoned Rose, Jerusalem Smith, The Web, Trapeze, Galliard, Zaowada, The Amazing Blondel, Cressida, Arc, Swegas
plus many more...

Jerry Floyd and Simon Stable were the main DJ's playing amazing music...lots of great imports from nearby Musicland which none of us could afford!
Aa full light show was also featured such as Wot Lights, Mystic Lights by ron henderson,
The Dharma Light Show, Cathode Elysium, Pale Green Limousine Light Show and more...

I don't know for sure how long The Temple lasted but we enjoyed going down to the basement where it was held but didnt enjoy people shooting up in the toilets!!!!

Submitted by Dave - February 2003, updated March 2003
I remember The Temple, well, the May Blitz gig especially, also the shooting up in the toilets, it was a dive more than a psychedelic dungeon and euphemistically known as "The Speed Palace".
You went to score and then split.

Submitted by Rusty Cat Sneazin - April 2003

Most vivid memory is driving up there in my 1959 Hillman Minx. It was late '69 and I had yet to sample the delights of drugs. Have no idea who was on but on Sunday morning when I returned to my car, it wasn't there.
It had been stolen! A quick visit to the local police station and "Yippee!" my car had been found. It had been crashed into the BBC building, Portland Place.
When I arrived there was a couple of Her Majesty's finest there. The problem that this caused me was that although I was still straight, there was a little pot of pot in the glove box. What to do? I decided to retrieve it. So there I was walking along with my long hair and great coat, casually chatting to a police sergeant with a load of cannabis in my pocket.
Must have been mad!
We put it in our coffee later that week in the office (I worked for a firm of accountants) and I was no longer a drug-virgin.

Submitted by Old Git - June 2003
I only went to the Temple once, but it was certainly a night never to be forgotten. It would have been 1970, either January or April - the former I think. As a veteran of Middle Earth at the Roundhouse, The Temple did strike me as, yes, seedy and speedy, with the most sustained vigorous dancing I have ever seen.

Me, I was on the hippy stuff (both of them), but nevertheless recall enough of the evening to remember some of the line-up (no doubt there were others): Wildmouth, Pete Brown and Piblokto , and High Tide. Being a devotee of High Tides' brainstorming "Death Warmed Up", they were the reason I went to the gig - and obliterating they were. Eat your
internal organs out, Black Sabbath - High Tide defined early British Heavy Metal in my view.

The DJaying by Jerry Floyd was superb - it was the first time I heard Midnight Rambler by the Stones, which really got the speeders speeding - but actually, I was most blown away by Wildmouth, Britain's completely adequate answer to Jefferson Airplane. That such a superb band should go unrecorded and vanish almost without trace is utterly tragic - or does anyone out there have audio footage of them? Steve's guitar was the closest to West Coast of anyone in Britain, and the female vocalist - name never even known - was every bit a match for many who are famous.

A strange place, the Temple - how it survived the puritanical policing of the day is a total mystery, the details of which one probably does not want to know. But I'm glad I went there - once.

Martin Williams - November 2003

Ah yes.... 
Fifteen or sixteen years old, up to London from school for half term.  Parents thought we were staying with mates. Nowhere to sleep and lots to do. 
The Lyceum was often a starter and the Temple was for afters following a few illegal halves in the Old Coffee House nearby. And maybe a swift can or two from the off-licence on Shaftsbury Avenue. 
Wandering through the detritus of veg from Covent Garden Market along Long Acre. Down the stairs into the Temple.  Dim lights and patchouli oil.  Loved the smells and lights and the feeling of adventure.  Oil light shows were 'far out' as were the odd soft porn slides they'd flash up occasionally. 
Definitely recall seeing Thin Lizzy, Barclay James Harvest and Screaming Lord Sutch.  On being chucked out at 5 or so in the morning had to wander around until cafes (Jo Lyons on Strand or GB cafe on Northumberland Av) opened.  Recall sitting in Parliament sq when accosted by beat bobbies.  Asked why we were there and why we had boots on...not to kick folk we told them.  Got earful but directed along to tea caravan for hot drinks and luncheon meat sarnies with solid marge...all in all tasted like candle wax.  Yuk. 

Sadly The Temple disappeared only to be rediscovered tonight.  I was prompted after looking through old ticket stubs...wasn't life great value...King Crimson 75p, Rory Gallagher 80p, Pink Floyd £1 (or, plus 25p on the door), Johnny Winter 14/- ,Free 50p, Wheeley Festival £2, Quintessence 50p. 

Enough nostalgia time to be almost 50 again....

Submitted by Mark - February 2004

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