14 Hour Technicolour Dream


The International Times 14 Hour Technicolour Dream was held on Saturday April 29th 1967 at London’s Alexandra Palace and was the first event of this kind in the United Kingdom.
Bands appearing at the event included:

Yoko Ono, Pink Floyd, Alexis Corner, The Pretty Things, The Purple Gang, Champion Jack Dupree, Graham Bond, Savoy Brown, The Flies, Ginger Johnson’s Drummers, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Soft Machine, The Creation, Denny Lane, The Block, The Cat, Charlie Browns Clowns, Christopher Logue, Derek Brimstone, Dave Russell, Glo Macari and the Big Three, Gary Farr, The Interference, Jacobs Ladder Construction Company, Lincoln Folk Group, The Move, Mike Horovitz, 117, Poison Bellows, Pete Townsend, Robert Randall, Suzy Creamcheese, Sam Gopal, Mick and Pete, Giant Sun Trolley, Social Deviants, The Stalkers, Utterly Incredible Too Long Ago To Remember, Sometimes Shouting At People, Barry Fantoni and Noel Murphy.
14 Hour Technicolour Dream
14 Hour Technicolour Dream

Some personal recollections of this momentous event...

Chris Joe Beard - The Purple Gang

Colin Turner - Pink Floyd A Fleeting Glimpse

Julian Palacios - Lost In The Woods


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