Big Brother and the Holding Company
Wavendon Stables

17th February 2002


Line Up:

Sam Andrew-vocals, guitar
Peter Albin-bass
Lisa Mills-vocals
Chad Quist-guitar
Todd Vinciguerra-drums

Set List:

1st Set:

Combination of the Two
Save Your Love
It's Cool
Do What You Love
Piece of My Heart

2nd Set:

Take Off
I Need a Man to Love
Call on Me
Hold Me
Women Is Losers
Ball and Chain

This was a gig we had been looking forward to for some time and it turned out to be an excellent night. Sunday at The Stables is never a good time for a good gig so the small number of punters (approx 70-75) was not a major problem and everyone seemed to have a good time.

The band played two 45 minute sets (house rules at The Stables) which included some excellent BB&THC classics and even though vocalist Lisa Mills was suffering from the flu she gave an astounding performance ending the first set with a powerful and soulful ‘Piece of My Heart’ that made the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

After a 20 minute break for refreshments and merchandise the band were back, opening with a belting version of Take Off.

The rest of the set was excellent with Lisa Mills seeming to summon up some hidden power, with her voice now showing no signs of any illness and the set ended with a truly magnificent Ball and Chain that even Janis would have been proud of...again, another ‘hair standing up on the back of your neck’ moment of glory.

The band seemed to enjoy the gig and were not phased by the small audience, instead taking it all in their typical laid back Californian stride.

The icing on the cake was a 60’s style lightshow, arranged by pOoTer with Sam Andrew earlier in the week and served up by Hertfordshire's answer to Mark Boyle (or Bill Ham), Neil Rice and Geoff Blindt from Opti (unofficially known as The Whacky Brothers), aided and abetted by pOoTer.

Both the band and the audience loved the lightshow which peaked with a barrage of effects, shot from a Solar System and a bunch of other projectors and overlaid with Neil’s now legendary display of liquids, delivered via overhead projector and Clock Face bowls that looked totally awesome as Ball and Chain peaked.

An excellent gig with punters commenting on the lights, the band commenting on the lights and us all going home with coloured hands...