Cambridge Junction
15th Oct 2000


A three quarters full Junction on a wet Sunday night shows respect as these guys can still fill a venue 32 years after the release of ‘Caravan’ their first album.

A more or less original line up are onstage on the last leg of their mini UK tour and apart from the obvious advance in years these guys can still knock out songs with power and skill.

Their main disadvantage was the (always?) poor sound at this venue with occasional vocals being lost and one huge overpowering burst of keyboards from Dave Sinclair.

Most of the audience was expecting an evening of pleasing retro, but this was not the case for most of the set with tracks being played from more recent albums and also some new material written by Dave Sinclair which was not your normal Caravan fair.

A couple of songs from Battle Of Hastings, then a medley of material from across the years, then the full power of Caravan was unleashed with a slightly different (well it would be after 30 years) but brilliant Nine Feet Underground ending the show in style.

A rapturous encore brought the band back onstage amongst screams from the audience where after a mediocre blues jam the goods were delivered from Pye Hastings with an excellent rendition of Golf Girl.

Ignoring the odd technical glitch and perhaps the wish of more early material, a good evening all round.

pOoTer - 2000