The Hyde Park Free Concerts


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With the underground, there was always a great demand that all things should be free-especially music.

On the 29 June 1968, a free concert was held in Hyde Park. Not some seated organised affair, but a freaks meeting and picnic.

This was a rambling multi-coloured band of people, mostly tripping- blowing bubbles, carrying crystals, kaleidoscopes, peacocks feathers and balloons - the police stood by dumbfound as people did a sort of epileptic trancelike dance which later became known as "Idiot Dancing".

Late 60's summer afternoons in the Park were a haze of incense and the Beatles "It's All Too Much". The first concert was with Pink Floyd, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Jethro Tull, and Roy Harper.

Later concerts included the much loved Pretty Things, The Action, Eric Burdon, John Sebastian, Canned Heat and The Rolling Stones.

Some other concerts were held in May 1969 at Parliament Hill Fields. These were large affairs and included Procol Harum, Soft Machine, Third Ear Band, Yes, Pink Floyd, Pretty Things, Tyrannosaurus Rex and The Deviants.

Rusty Cat Sneazin - March 2002