Implosion at The Roundhouse

Implosion at The Roundhouse

The 1st Implosion - Image Courtesy Jeff Dexter


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In 1970, a new event began on Sunday afternoons; Implosion. This was a benefit venture and was held back on old territory at the Roundhouse.

The years of eccentric exuberance were gone and many new people attended -the old crowd virtually stayed away. The lightshow lacked the inventive diversity of years before and altogether it was a huge excuse to get wasted.

Many people took speed with barbiturates and especially Mandrax, which fitted in well with the many appearances of Pink Fairies, who still held the freaks banner high.

The air was still sweet with incense and dope which made a pleasant way to spend sunday afternoons. Some memorable gigs were played including Love, High Tide, Robert Wyatt, Zoot Money, Pink Floyd, Nico, Curved air, Pink Fairies, Kevin Ayers and the perennial Edgar Broughton Band.

Rusty Cat Sneazin - April 2002


Hi Pooter
Just a little note for your guide 'Rusty Cat Sneazin' Implosion started 1969 not 1970

21st September I think possible 1st date?

Quintessence. Mighty Baby, Marty Feldman and others, including mice elf!

Jeff Dexter - February 2003