Love Street (Light Circus),
San Antonio,



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Love Street Light Circus

There must be mention of Love Street in San Antonio next to Hemisphere.

I met Tiny Tim there one night and partied with him and his old lady.

The club was cool. It was an old Movie Theater and had seats going up with a stage and a dance floor in front of it, then the tiers of seating going up all around it.

Stage right there was upstairs a restaurant bar with more air conditioning and glass that looked over the stage with sound reinforcement in the bar, but a little different atmosphere with tables where you could talk but still look over to the theatre and stage.

The light show was unique in that it was rear screen projected in two floors of six or eight cubes with dancers silhouetted and they would change each individually or together, not much different than the stacked big screens in concerts was a cool club.

I think Love Street at Allen's Landing was the best but Vulcan Gas Company in Austin and Love Street San Antonio are definitely worth study and documentation. All were unique in their design as a club for the environment at the time as well as were the light shows part of the design and experience.

Submitted by Jay Ashcraft (Jay Byrd Light Show) - August 2003

Yes, hard to think of HemisFair without thinking of Love Street.

It was downtown across from Hemis Fair's Northeast corner, one block east was the Big Slide.

I remember the local news wrote that "hippies" had come to town.

A guy who wore a cape named Sebastian ran the place. There was the cutest guy (Bryan?) who was at the door dressed in a band uniform. My dad called him "the general". (Yes, I was in 11th grade and my dad would take me down there and pick me and friends up at 10pm).

Tall Tom was a local boy that was on TV in striped bellbottoms, with long hair and flashing a peace sign on each hand.

It was a dance club/theater with lots of good bands and light show (13th Floor Elevators for one).

Eventually, as was planned I think, boutique's and other such shops opened upstairs.

I spent as most weekends there during Hemis Fair (people were also living there a well) and have really good memories of Love Street, the 'out-of-town' hippies (from CA), and Hemis Fair.

Summer of '68 was "The" summer to have been young in San Antonio. Great fun and high times.

LectrkLady - May 2012