Electric Prunes
Royal Festival Hall
9th October 2002


Set List:

Mass in F Minor/Lost Dream (with '3D Mushroom' video)
Never Had It Better
Banana Hoax*
Aint It Hard
Too Much To Dream*
Love You
Long Days Flight*
Buckety ?
7 and 7 Is (introduced as a 'Love' song which they learn't for a charity gig in aid of Arthur Lee's release from prison)
Cast Away
Get Me To The World On Time.

Heard attendance was circa 1,300, Pere Ubu (supoosedly headlining) was...Pere Ubu and on first.

Much deliberation up to the 11th hour as to who was going to support who. Would the audience stay for the Prunes if the film was on first etc, etc.

The set up for the film was bizarre. One half was 35mm from the RFH house projector at the back of the hall whilst the other half came out of the largest model of Barco video projector available located next to the FOH (Front Of House) position half way down the hall. The operator, Marrick, had to sync sound from both the film and the video whilst running a time code for the band.

He was a good bloke as he'd brought along The Misunderstood's album to play whilst the audience came in and during the interval.

Top tunes !

The band were all blown away with the venue after the 'toilets' they played in up till then....

Mr Anonymous
9th October 2002