Dave Guerrero, (b.1975) aka dwavehed, originally from San Antonio, Texas, is a long time musician but has found a new expression through creating visuals.

I was fascinated by video feedback and optical effects at a young age, and since 2015 have decided to persue this passion by pressing into visual experiments and becoming a practicing visual artist.

I studied music education with emphasis in multimedia technology and gained valuable experience as a Audio/Video Installation Technician for 5 years at @Artpace San Antonio International Artist in Residence, assisting prominent contemporary artists such as Kelly Richardson, David Adjaye, Kota Ezawa, which led to being an assistant installation technician for Isaac Julien's nine screen film installation Ten Thousand Waves at Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam in 2012.

The name dwavehed came from college days, as I worked as a live sound engineer technician and my boss dubbed me as 'Soundwave.' Soon after, my buddies started calling me Dwavey G since I also play the sax.

My visual heroes/influences are Bob Mustachio of Mustachio Light Show, Chris Tomsett aka Innerstrings, Steve Pavlovsky of Liquid Light Lab, and Lance Gordon of Mad Alchemy.

I mostly use a combination of standalone antiquated video mixers, cameras, video synthesizers, and liquid lightshow techniques to tune in feedback and sculpt light with.

After several years of home video feedback experiments, I got my foot in the door with my first music video for QRAM by Dreamweapon after meeting them at a gig in Bielefeld, Germany where I have been living since 2011. Since then, I have created various music videos for Firefriend, Revvnant, Spettro, Arcane Allies, and Ornamental.

A career highlight / dream come true was being asked to assist Chris 'Innerstrings' Tomsett at Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2019, where we provided visuals for Routine Death, Dead Vibrations, Medicine Boy, Froth, Iguana Death Cult, The Oscillation, The Gluts, Radar Men From The Moon, Firefriend, Vuelveteloca, JuJu, NONN, Lumerians, The Janitors, and 10,000 Russos.

I have also supported Revvnant (Elias Schutzman of Flying Eyes/Black Lung) for his gigs in Germany including a visual headlining slot at Dustown Berlin 2020.

2020 was proving to be a big launch into the European Psychedelic scene, but unfortunately due to COVID-19, my tour dates supporting Firefriend / Black Doldrums, returning to team with Innerstrings at Fuzz Club Eindhoven 2020 main stage, as well as covering all visuals for PSYCHEBERG Berlin 2020 were cancelled.

Although there haven't been many gigs, I've been building a library of clips with my video synthesizer to be integrated when gigs are possible again.

I'm also extremely excited to be registered to take a remote learning class with Lance Gordon of Mad Alchemy Analog Liquid Light Show.

I’m a married father of 3 and work full time as Production Leader at Schmidt Array Pedalboards.
Additionally, I play guitar, bass, sax, and sing in a psychedelic krautrock band called TVSTRANGE.

dwavehed visuals is located in Northwest Germany and available for booking.

Contact information:
Inkfish Booking: hello@inkfishbooking.com
instagram: instagram.com/dwavehed
facebook: facebook.com/dwavehedvisuals

dwavehed visuals
dwavehed visuals
dwavehed visuals
dwavehed visuals
dwavehed visuals
dwavehed visuals