Elias Romero



My Dad is Elias Romero.

I've told him about the site but he is not too web savvy so I am not sure how soon he will be able to check it out. If you have any specific questions for him I could pass them along.

BTW - I know my dad did at least one Light Show when I was 3-4 years old, which means he was still into Light Shows as late as 1975.

Probably still has some of the equipment around and could send photographs for your website.

Submitted Ramon Romero via Web Form - 24th June 2002


Pooterland Note:

Several excited emails followed this form submisison, Elias Romero was even shown Pooterland and agreed to a full interview.

Of course we put together a LONG list of questions and sent it back to Ramon.

Nothing happened so it was chased multiple times for a response - Sadly we never did get a response so the 'Interview Opportunity of a Decade' sank quietly into the ether....


If you can help with more information about this Light Show we would love to hear from you.


Thanks to Chicken on a Unicycle for some of the below scans :-)

Elias Romero Light Show

May 27th 1966

Elias Romero Light Show
Elias Romero Light Show

Bilbo's Birthday with Big Brother & the Holding Company, The Great Society and The Charlatans at California Hall in San Francisco on July 28th 1966

Elias Romero Light Show
Elias Romero Light Show