The Family Cat


I owned and operated the Family Cat Light Show in 1966 & '67 on the central coast of California.

We were based in Isla Vista near Santa Barbara and did light shows for Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and others at the Earl Warren Showgrounds there in Santa Barbara.

We did one tour with Sky Saxon & The Seeds.

We had several liquid projection overhead units as well as 8 mm film that we shot ourselves and put on loops. We would drape the stage in white sheets and were know for intense psychedelic shows.

The Light Show came about on the heels of the breakup of our band Something Wild.

Bill Evans - August 2001

The Family Cat Lightshow

The Doors, Lavender Hill Mob, Joint Effort, Captain Speed, Earl Warren Showgrounds, August 5th 1967 (Poster by Richard Tolmach)