Gold Rush Light Show,

Delray Power & Light


The Gold Rush Light Show performed its first gig in a Detroit church basement for a high school dance in 1969.

Over the next few years we performed at gyms, the Grande Ballroom (John Sinclair benefits), Vanity Ballroom, Factory Ballroom (quonset hut in Pontiac), bars, and on the side of the Wayne State University student union building

The light show disbanded in the late 1970's, but some of the original members resurrected it twenty years later.

A couple of the light artists still get together once in a while using our original equipment - just for the fun of it.

To see some of our more recent work see the video that also contains some history at :

There's a couple more we recorded in 2007:

Mike - May 2019


** Update - August 2020 **

Mike Kadar is working on an updated bio for this page including informaion on the current incarnation of Gold Rush Light Show, now known as Delray Power & Light


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