Jelly Wall Eyes Pack


Location: Houston, Texas, USA, Earth

JELLY WALL EYES PACK (J.W.E.P) was the house lightshow at a Houston, Texas club called "Love Street Light Circus and Feel Good Machine".

Love Street featured a "Total Psychedelic Environment" with live bands, Go-Go dancers, and lighting effects on all the walls.

The lightshow equipment was installed on a narrow balcony above a padded "zonk out" area directly in front of the stage.

I, Greg Lloyd (aka Wizard), started working with JWEP in 1967.

The other JWEP team members were: Cliff Carlin, Jr., Larry McBee, Steve Hall, and Mike Wilson.

There were also occasional part-timers and volunteers.

JWEP's primary equipment consisted of 2 slide projectors and four overhead projectors. We also used mirror balls, color wheels, strobe lights, and special "flaps" on the overheads to strobe the liquid images.

We did club shows with: Johnny Winters, The Nazz, Lightnin' Hopkins, Naked Letus, Children, Shiva's Headband, Bubble Puppy, Moving Sidewalks (featuring Billy Gibbons, who's now with ZZ Top) and many more.

We did road-show concerts in Texas with: The Grateful Dead, It's A Beautiful Day, Quicksilver Messenger Service and John Mayall.

I'm an illustrator, so I also created the weekly psychedelic posters for Love Street, which I've recently learned are now collectibles!

Submitted by Greg Lloyd - April 2003

Jelly Wall Eyes Pack
Jelly Wall Eyes Pack

November 1970

Jelly Wall Eyes Pack

March 1971