Joe's Lights


Joe's Lights was The Joshua Light Show after Joshua White left in April 1970.

His former colleagues chose the name Joe's Lights but there was no 'Joe'.

After Bill Graham closed the Fillmore in 1971, many of the staff and technical people including Joe's Lights moved to London to work at the short lived Rainbow Theater.

Joe's Lights did shows both in the USA and th UK so appear on various posters from the time.

Personnel included (at various times):

Cecily Hoyt, Kim Legge, Ben Haller, Thomas Shoesmith, Bill Schwarzbach and Alan Arkush.


Reconstructing The Fillmore East - Insanely detailed site by Keith Mueller


Joe's Lights performed at the Rainbow (Edmonton Sundowner) until 3 weeks before they closed the venue.

My Dr Who Light Show filled in those three weeks.

I am pleased to say that the management were very complimentary in saying that we were as good as Joe's Lights and with only 2 operators, whereas Joe's it seems had around 6.

Larry Wooden - Orion Lighting - September 18th 2022


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Joe's Lights
Joe's Lights

Bickerhsaw Festival, UK

Joe's Lights

Hawkwind, Queens Hall Barnstaple, 18th August 1972