Lightshow 15.000


Vasco Gasquet was one of the main animators of Atelier des Beaux-Arts Paris poster workshop in May 1968 which created 500 Posters to cover the walls in Paris as part of the uprisings where there were mass protests, street battles and nationwide strikes with the worst rioting since the Popular Front era of the 1930's culminating in The Night of the Barricades May 10th/11th 1968 which saw nearly 500 students arrested and vast numbers of people hospitalised.

Starting with three projectors and three people, the equipment grew to around 30 devices using Leitz, Kodak carousels (24x36), cinema projectors with 16mm and Super8 film as well as sound equipment.

They worked at the Théâtre de Plaisance which was a neighborhood theater on 111 Castle Street in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

At the end of May 1968 Vasco worked with a group called Planetarium which was a Hippie Commune in the the Vallée de Chevreuse.

Vasco organised the first Festival of Light at the Museum of Modern Art in 1970 where up to 2000 people a day attended. Each vening there was a different Light Show who brought in different bands.

Vasco Gasquet also travelled around France and North Africa (Maghreb) in an old Double Decker Bus doing Light Shows with music.

Lightshow 15.000 became one of the biggest Light Show's in France, alongside Mandala, Androide, Barved Zumizion and Open Light.

Lightshow 15.000

The Bus and 'Bubble Screen'

Lightshow 15.000

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