Lightshow Classics


Lightshow Classics, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, wants to prevent analog light shows from extinction.

Performing as beautifully and as often as possible is one action that should help. We mean people to stay aware that analog light shows are authentic and that they must remain for ever.

What also contributes is that Lightshow Classics likes to share its skills.

The visuals of course are analog. They combine unpredictable movements, whimsical shapes and trippy colors. All about what you can expect from liquid projections. In addition to the liquid slides, we vary with the creative possibilities of polarization, lumia, moiré, grids, facet lenses and our imagination.

When ready to roll, disadvantages of old school stuff – being heavy weight and large – vapourise, and the advantages will become clear. When coming alive, the old school methods keep on being highly interesting to watch from any distance and to observe in close up how the magic is done. It can be incredibly beautiful at the screen.

Now and then Lightshow Classics conjures psychedelic visuals nobody expected that unugly before; improbably improbable.

Sharing is a good thing. Especially if you share something you like. Passing it on to you and to generations to come is the most reliable way to preserve.

With our tutorials, the flyers and 'do this at home’ recipes (which we hand out during perfomances, and that we plan to publish on our website), we try to ensure the existence of old school lightshows in the future.

Sjaco Karmelk - January 3rd 2022