Liquified Light Show


I (Brittani, founder of Liquified Light Show) saw Silver Cord Cinema (an analog liquid Light Show based out of Nashville, Tennessee) at Expansion (psychedelic music festival in Lexington, Kentucky) in 2018 and 2019.

Shortly after Expansion 2019, some friends of mine started a band, Trevor's Lightning Project, and they were interested in having a Light Show that would be paired with their live performances.

I reflected on the work of Silver Cord and watched some tutorials on YouTube by Liquid Light Lab, purchased the necessary equipment, and Liquified was born!

We started as a Light Show that was mostly just seen when Trevor's Lightning Project would perform, but our clientele grew quickly after starting as the only analog liquid Light Show in Lexington, Kentucky.

We have branched out to Louisville, Kentucky and also Huntington, West Virginia with hopes of lighting up stages across the United States.

Silver Cord Cinema in Nashville, TN and Liquid Light Lab have been our main influences. Soon after diving into the artform, we have watched and learned from the greats and continue to learn from and collaborate with other liquid light artists.

Trevor's Lightning Project is our "home" band, there isn't a TLP show without Liquified.

We have also worked with other Lexington, Kentucky based bands such as, R.O.D, Seahags, Something Weird, Sympathy Jar, Jeanne Vomit Terror, Tiny Tiny, Buck the Taxidermist, Schizoid Man, Ru Linn, Grim Reef, Petal Alphabet, Champs of the Sun, Dear Andie, VL7, Fredd C, Fridgid kitty, Scotty Fry, Venice Under Water, Nari, Townsel Turner, Sunmates, and Snake Lake.

Louisville, Kentucky bands such as Boa Boys, Shark Sandwich, The Historonics, Lucky Star, Doom Gong and The Highlanders.

Other bands we've done lights for include, Levitation Room (Expansion 2021), Death Valley Girls (Expansion 2022 collab with Super Nuclear), This Pine Box, Tony from Bowling, Abe Partridge, Astronomy Club, Water Trash, Sea Moya, and Dumbo Gets Mad.

Our most memorable gig would be our first performance at Expansion 2021 and our performance with Levitation Room.

We were so excited to be on the bill with a big psychedelic rock name. We customized head stencils to project with the lights. The design was inspired by their album Headspace.

We've worked with Yovozol, Psensibil, Ed Sunspot, Chud Lights, Ru Linn from Lexington, Kentucky, Darling Lucifer and Silver Cord Cinema from Nashville, Tennessee; plus, S.O.S Light Show (Ohio), Super Nuclear (Traverse City, MI), Captain Lemo, and Liquid Disguise (Denver, Ohio).

The name Liquified? Honestly, we just started listing off names that included the word liquid with the idea of liquid light art in mind.

We were stuck between Psych Goo and Liquified. Liquified seemed like it made the most sense and was memorable.

Unfortunately it is already used by another business that is not in the Light Show business so we refer to ourselves as Liquified Light Show on all social media.

We are still going! We are building clientele and stay busy with about 3 local shows a month!

We keep adding members to ensure that we have at least 3 members to cover a show given the local demand for our analog liquid light show. We currently have 7 active members of Liquified in rotation.

We started with a couple 3M overhead projectors because they were the cheapest and we didn't want to spend a lot of money on something we didn't know we would like or be interested in (we should have known we'd be hooked from the start).

We soon invested in 3 Dukane overhead projectors and still use those to this day.

We also have an Optikinetics Solar 250 for to fill space onstage.

The Dukane overhead projectors get the job done but we are going to need some brighter options or switch to partially digital for larger, outdoor shows.

For now, we love our Dukanes and wouldn't trade them for anything.

We also have our 3M overheads for backup or additional stage lighting when necessary.

We use hand cut stencils customized for the bands we perform with and will create custom photoshopped collage transparencies of imagery we feel fits the band.

We LOVE the liquids. Custom stencils and transparencies are kind of our shtick at the moment but we love experimenting to find other ways to add interesting effects to the liquid lights such as color and strobe wheels and are currently building a lazy susan to be self-operated by a 20rpm motor.

We enjoy finding analog effects to add to our already completely analog liquid Light Show.

We are still in the lighting industry and hope to find ourselves on tour with a band and maybe eventually open our own venue where Liquified can be the "House Lights" for any performing artist while also opening up the opportunity for other light artists to perform.

We feel that live visual effects have been the missing piece to live performances for a while and are often a second thought.

We want to provide a venue where the visual artists are seen as part of the whole experience, just as important as the music or performing act, one simply shouldn't happen without the other.

Brittani - December 2nd 2022


Photo's are on their way....hopefully !!