Mad Hatters


It all began in 2014 at The Leadmill in Sheffield with The Temples touring with Lance Gordon and Mad Alchemy……I’d always been a hippy at heart since I was a kid and always wanted to try ‘light’ art…and Lances show just blew me away!!

I fell down the rabbit hole and started just before the world blew up with ‘Covid’ which gave me time to practice but no live shows.

I started by making a YouTube video for a local Sheffield (uk) band ‘Femur’ and then once restrictions were lifted did a couple of local festivals while expanding my fleet of projectors. Travelling to Scotland to pick up a 575w 10k overhead was fun.

And the chase of getting that ‘steal’ that someone mislabelled on eBay keeps me on my toes.

Earlier this year I managed to put on a live show for ‘Femur’ which kinda is a pinnacle for me.

Jez Clegg - November 15th 2022