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Gary Ewing 1943 - 2008

Gary Ewing was very early on the Light Show scene, seemingly doing shows in San Francisco either in 1965 or 1966 (to be confirmed).

After doing lots of shows in the Bay Area he went back to his birthplace of Portland, Oregon and did the lights at The Crystal Ballroom, Civic Auditorium, Springers Ballroom, Paramount Theatre and other local venues.

Gary Ewing Lights shared the bill with Heavy Water at a couple of shows in the mid-80's, once with the Kingsmen and once with Quicksilver.

Random fact:

Gary Ewing liked the Crystal Ballroom so much he named his daughter Crystal.


From: The Ewing's - Gary & Karen <XXXXXXXXXXX>
To: webmaster@pooterland.com
Date: Saturday, November 22, 2003, 9:05:57 AM
Subject: light as art

Hello, my name is Gary Ewing of THE GARY EWING VISUALS LIGHT SHOW in Portland Oregon.

I like your site a lot but then I'M PARTIAL TO LIGHTSHOWS!

Currently I am performing a series of Digital Video light works. originally commissioned as a featured installation at the Belleview Art Museum [near Seattle] "LIGHT AS ART".(Sept - Nov. 2002) for the 36 year reunion of " Experiments in Art and Technology" hosted at the University of Washington.

Gary Ewing
Gary Ewing Visuals


Watch Gary Ewing in a behind the scenes look at him Karen and James using a new type of plate in 2001 at the Annual KBOO Halloween Ball:


Thanks to Reed Banals for sending me this link in 2017

Dr. P.H. Martins Magic Medicine Show
Gary Ewing Lights
Gary Ewing Lights

January 1971, Springers Ballroom, Oregon