Pharos, Sirius70


Hi, I think you need to hear about our Light Show - Pharos.

We, Bob Morley and myself, Greg Taylor, started at school after I saw the Pink Floyd in April 67 at K4 the light Exhibition and Arena in the first Brighton Arts Festival.

I think we were the first to do it in Sussex at a school and probably one of the first to do it at a school in the UK.

We began with one projector in April 1967.

Devised a programme with effects to match music tracks by Pink Floyd Jimi Hendrix, Ravi Shankar, The Beatles and Tod Docstater, plus a sound collage called Sonar Disturbance by ourselves, which we performed for various classes in the school.

I mostly did the Light Show in the Brighton area, sometimes calling myself Sirius70 with local bands especially Sister Rae, previously Dawn and then Giant/ Samuel Purdey.

Also lit for Peter Green once and on another occasion Pete Brown's Piblokto on the night of the day of Hendrix’s death.

I went on to St Martin’s School of Art and then Bradford College of Art to do film and video there.

Ended up joining COUM Transmissions in 1972 with Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti ,where I was known as Foxtrot Echo.

I have some photos and other memorabilia like our Light Show artwork and still have all the equipment plus 2 ALDIS projectors I got from Mouse who used them at UFO.

At our peak we had 12 projectors, ALDIS 1000's and two 300 's, an overhead projector, a marine light beam projector. A couple of 8 mm cine projectors and a stroboscope.

Pharos Lightshow from Brighton Sussex UK comprised of Greg Taylor , Bob Morley and subsequently his brother Tom Morley who went onto become a founding member of Scritti Politti

Pharos were originally active 1967-72.

Best Regards - Greg Taylor February 2024