Prosperity Blackstone Light Show


Prosperity Blackstone Light Show was formed in Amarillo, Texas in 1968 by Lowell Fowler.

“We used to project our light shows on the side of the Southwest Bank Building to accompany the midnight underground radio shows on weekends,” he remembers.

“They would play psychedelic music, which was really not allowed at other times of programming.”

Arriving at the University of Texas in Austin in 1970, light show projection was to get him through college. “During that time I worked at a place called The Bucket, where we had no less than 50 slide and motion picture projectors, four to six overhead projectors with oil effects and many cool home-made visuals that kept the psychedelic generation tripped out to some of the very best live music.

“It was nice to have something to keep me in college, as my friends who flunked out often came back from overseas in wooden boxes, thanks to Vietnam.”

Text by Lowell Fowler (High End Systems)

Blackstone Audio Video evolved from Prosperity Blackstone Light Show in 1972 which in turn morphed into High End Systems

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