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Maxterveen Liteshow,
Max Magic Lights.


My name is Max Terveen, I was born in Amsterdam in 1947, I started doing liquid light shows in 1966, 1967 in a tent in ‘67, a moving beat circus in a huge circus tent troughout Holland, working with groups such as SOS, Super Sister, The Outsiders, Les Barogues, The Famous Cure (aka The Cure aka Hawkwind).

Later in 67 we started weekly UFO nights in a building called Felix Meritis, Amsterdam than we got hold of the building of the free communitie a former church and Wille de Ridder called it Paradiso.

From the first opening night with Pink Floyd till 1970, myself, Janine and the late Sep Kalkhoven did all the liquid lightshows there under the name of Provadya.

Light shows inspired by Mark Boyle and the famous Head Lights we also got to do the lightshows for the Fantasio which resambled the Paradiso but was slightly smaller using more than 20 Rank Aldis 1000 watt projectors (of which i still have), Overheads and 16mm Movies.

We worked there almost every night and with every group playing Amsterdam we did things for film and TV as well the famous Hoepla program etc

We did the titles for Like A Rainbow award winning Rolling Stones promo film by Anthoon Kothuis and also worked with Phil Boom the first girl to appear naked on nationwide TV.

With photographers like Jean Ruiter and Wim Van Der Linden and Methijs Van Heijningen.

Other groups and things we worked with were The Exploding Galaxy, Fairport Convention, Incrideble String Band, Arthur Brown, Donovan, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah, The Fool, Pocomania, The Motiond, Golden Earring........too many to mention we were at that time among the biggest in Europe, we did light shows out of Holland, in Germany Essener Pop and Blues Festival, France Metz Nancy Paris with open and Allencon Belgium, Brussels in the centre Tallamuze.

Still I am occasionaly asked to do some lights, recently for Kek 66 who just appeared in the show with Arthur Brown’s Love Tour 2002 and quite regulary with the Foolmoonband from Rotterdam.

Max Terveen - June 2002