Rainbow Prism Atomic Lightshow,

Atomic Prism



I noticed that we are not on your light show list anymore. It would be nifty to be part of the list again.

Our lightshow show is called "The Rainbow Prism Atomic Lightshow"
our web site is located at http://www.lightshow.cc

Most folks call us "lightshow.cc", maybe because it is stenciled on our road cases.
Promoters like the shorter name, lightshow.cc, better because it is easier to fit on flyers and ads.

For five years, from 1995 to 9/2000, we called the show the Atomic Prism lightshow.
Except for a short time during the spring of 2000, while we did some shows in Europe and San Francisco with Hal Muskat. Hal and I called our brief collaboration the Rainbow Puddle Atomic Prism Lightshow.

Back in '68 my little branch of the light show family tree was called the "Neon Moth".

Thanks for giving the light artists of the world a home!

Peace in the Colors

John - September 27th 2004