Around 1969 Lightshow SPHINX was founded by Sjaco Karmelk and Piet Koster. SPHINX was one of the many light shows in Amsterdam at the time.

We performed every weekend in club Famos, close to big brother Paradiso. Our base was analog liquid and graphic projection.

We had about 6 projectors, each one was unique and had its own features and possibilities. In the 1980s, the psychedelic light shows disappeared in the Netherlands. Our projections were no longer corresponding with the music in those days.

After a break, we picked up the projectors again around 2010. We were still fascinated by the beauty of liquid projection. But also noticed that a younger audience, who had never seen anything like it before, was impressed by our “oldskool” projections.

Because all kinds of new digital techniques for light shows were now also available, our challenge was to bring old school and new style together.

However, liquid projection remains the base for us.

Today we are mainly active on Facebook, where we present tutorials (LightShowSphinx) and short artistic multi-media videos (SPHINX GALLERY).

Whenever there is a good opportunity to perform, we will; a few times each year.


To reach Lightshow SPHINX:

- Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LightShowSphinx
- email: lightshowsphinx@gmail.com

Sjaco Karmelk and Piet Koster - Light Show Sphinx - October 2020

Sphinx Lightshow
Sphinx Lightshow
Sphinx Lightshow
Sphinx Lightshow

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Sphinx Lightshow