Synthetic Trip


Here goes....

Back in 69 through 72 I owned and still have maybe 35% of Synthetic Trip.

A light show that me and best friend Scott Holderman ran in the Central Valley and Foothills in back of Fresno California, 3 to 4 hours from San Francisco.

Some of the slides I still have as well as projectors posters and table that projectors sat on with motor and belts and two slotted wheels that made 4 slide projectors strobe 1234 as pictures of Hendrix or burning flags got bigger or moved around.

Its easy to be a critic but Synthetic Trip was as good as any Ive seen and always 50% if not more of the Concert or Dance and always more controversial.

Up in the Foothill area sometimes the Cowboys or rednecks wouldn't like some of the slides or subject matter and fights, sometimes 20 30 people, would go on while band played and strobes stayed on once for 2 songs nobody ever got hurt and the little mountain press had something to write about.

I still have a couple of the old 500 watt Kodak magazine load with the wooden cases painted psychedelic in florescent day glo paint and with Synthetic Trip stenciled with lettering that Randy Tutin or Mouse, or in my area Sogy (poster artists) would have been proud of.

Hey, its been fun.....better go.

Steven - March 18th 2003