Trans-Love Airways Lightshow,

Psychedelic Mikeadelic Light Machine


Hi folks Thought I better add my bit while I'm still on this planet,with memory mostly intact.

Had a lightshow late 68 until May of 70 in Toronto Ontario Canada. We called it Trans-love Airways Lightshow and performed from Hamilton Ont. to Ottawa Ont. mainly with a band called Eros Bobaloo, Peter Jefferson was their agent.

Our equipment consisted of 2 Buhl 600 watt overheads,2 Kodak slide projectors,1 continuous loop 8mm movie projector,a large 1100 watt opaque projector and color wheels run by sewing machine motors with foot controls. Clock crystals of 10&12 inch held the dyed oil and water mix,Moire patterns were readily available those days, oil dyes were a powder type.

Helpers were Pat, Dave and Morgan. The last show was to be in Halifax Nova Scotia at the Forum, it was Halifax's first rock concert.

Peter and I were interviewed by C B C radio before noon because we flew in standby from Toronto($27.00 each) and the band (supposedly The ANIMALS) was on the road(1150 miles) with equipment and arrived too late to perform.

These guys were definitely not The ANIMALS but sure sounded like them. The night before they played the Rock Pile in Toronto . I remember the band got in at 11:45pm and the police got on the stage saying the group would not be allowed on stage,thats when a riot broke out.

We all left Halifax N.S. by van ( Pete,myself and the Animals) and stoped at my parents home in Moncton New Brunswick for breakfast and a nap. Later the entourage left for Toronto, I stayed in N.B. and sold the lightshow equipment to Hazen Horseman. He did some shows around the Moncton area.

And now for the good news! In the past few years I've been collecting projector equipment to revive the Light Show.

Your site is what made it take off since I am on the internet now. Equipment on hand at present, 3 B&H 16mm Filmsound projectors,3 Leitz Pradovit color 250 slides,1 Hanimex 500 watt slide,1 Hanimar IQ 810 slide,2 Buhl 80/14 600 watt overheads,1 Transpaque 14 inch 1000 watt overhead and an old Aldis star 300 slide projector.

Accessories include,5 Cokin multi image filters,400 awesome slides photographed from LCD internet sites, color wheels,radio controled multi image rotation devices and stepping motors. I have done a couple of small time free shows just to see the reaction from people whom have never experienced such an optical delight.

My new lightshow is called -- Psychedelic Mikeadelic Light Machine -- By for now Mike

Michael Ritchie - November 2004
New Brunswick, CANADA

Trans-Love Airways Lightshow

Thanks to Rob Frith at Neptoon Records for Image Use