Wizz De Kidd
Tharsis Dome


I got into Light Shows in 1967 when I was still in school.

I was at a festival called "la fenêtre rose" and I saw Soft Machine with a Light Show made by Mark Boyle (Mark Boyle and Joan Hills Sensual laboratory).

I then started Light Shows with a band called Tac Poume Systeme with Patrice Warrener, then we formed
Karma Lightshow with Patrick Moncelet.

Then Christian Canonne and Madona Bouglione did the Open Circus, for the Light Show we joined Mair Mergui, Jacky Kasmacher, Jean-Pierre Arnal and Christian Berthéas to form Open Light.

Open Light was created just to do the light show of the Open Circus (Open Circus was the name of a numbers of show including circus numbers and at the same time bands perfoming on stage under a circus tent).

The name of Wizz came from Daevid Allen, who asked me when I was with Open Light to do the lights for Gong. I stayed with Gong from 1971 to 1976 and also joined the Steve Hillage Band to do lights.

I restarted doing Light Shows in 2007 after the IAO exposition in Bordeaux, France.

Five years ago Giulia Grossmann ask me to do a Light Show for a movie she was realising about the Mars Society, a year later she asked me again to perform with her, she does the videos and I do the classic light show, the name of our duo came from the movie Tharsis Dome which is a volcano on the planet Mars.

I still occasionally do solo light shows work under the name Wizz.

We started with Muller kit projectors (Tac Poume Systeme), then with Open Light Aldis Tutor 2 which I still use along with Eiki retro mirror projectors.

We started with 3 liquid slide projectors and up to 20 with Open light along with Kodak Carousels for the slides and 2 Beseler retro.

Now I have 9 Aldis Tutor 2, 2 retro projectors and 1 RGB laser which I use with liquid.

François Decourbe - July 2020

Video of Tharsis Dome with Zombie Zombie - www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg3bV2gE2ZQ
Tharsis Dome François Decourbe

François Decourbe

Tharsis Dome François Decourbe

Zombie Zombie

Tharsis Dome François Decourbe

Zombie Zombie