Light Show Rabbit Hole


1994 LDI Convention

A celebration of Lightshow Operators came together for this thinly disguised trade show (party!!) in Nevada in 1994


IAO Psychedelic Culture Festival - CAPC Bordeaux 28th November 2008

A three-day exhibition around psychedelic culture past and present. The name ? IAO in reference to the famous Gong mantra


Berkeley BAMPFA Analog Light Show Festival May 2017

Celebrating the psychedelic art form of live light performance pioneered in the rock clubs and avant-garde happenings of the 1960s


Color Games: Light Show Manual

Psychedelic Light Show handbook from 1966 by Bob Beck, published by Pericles Press


Vintage Light Show Effects #001

Early, circa 1971, effect cassettes made with steel ball races


The Light Artists Guild &

The Great 1969 Light Show Strike

August 1969 The Light Artists Guild organised a strike in the Bay Area over pay


DIY Colour Wheel

Low Cost/No Cost Colour Wheel solution


Polarising Slides 101

Polarising slides are a bit fiddly to make but great fun once you have mastered the basics.


The Fantastic Zoo - Light Show

Did you know there was a song writen about Light Shows in 1967?


Fillmore (or Winterland?) Newsreel with Light Show

Located in a News Archive and with added music (original clip silent)


Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive Live

Gyllene Cirkeln, Stockholm, Sweden, September 10th, 1967
featuring lights from Mark Boyles Sensual Laboratory


Joshua Light Show Article

Beat Instrumental, May 1969


Mark Boyle on meeting Soft Machine at UFO in 1967

Interview over pictures from the time