The Phenomenon of Luminosity Lightshow


The Phenomenon of Luminosity Lightshow is in fact Jim Lascko of Solar Fire fame working under a different name.

From his own website:

A live presentation incorporating multi video and effect projectors exploring the relationships and interactions of colors mixed within the beauty of liquid fractal images, moire' effects, kaleidoscopes, mandalas, liquid oils, and strobe lighting blended with pointed imagery and assorted video effects that can be customized for any occasion.

This show is MIXED LIVE to the accompaniment of music - your live music or our pre-recorded music - and no two shows are ever the same! The length of the show can vary from one hour to all night affairs depending on what's desired. Small to very large displays are possible and are sized according to the venue.

This colorful eye catching display is suitable for festivals, concerts, parties, or fundraisers and can be customized with your preferred artwork, video clips, band (or) DJ's name, venue name & logo... even the logos of the event's sponsors!

This customized material can be seamlessly blended and mixed into the actual display itself. Multiple effects for every show are uniquely positioned and layered according to the demands of each venue.
Projections can be on single or multiple screens, large light colored walls, trees, etc.

This show is great wherever lighting can be controlled and for nighttime events & festivals featuring live DJ's, pre-recorded music, or any other act that may benefit from a large, dazzling display of designs, color, and movement as a unique backdrop for their performances.

We can turn any event into a large, colorful, visual treat!
Phenomenon of Luminosity Lightshow
Phenomenon of Luminosity Lightshow