Solar Fire


See also Phenomenon of Luminosity Lightshow

Inspired by the legendary multi-media lightshows done by Liquid Len and the Lensmen for HAWKWIND (England's premier Psychedelic Warriors)

The Solar Fire Lightshow is part of Jim Lascko's Strange Trips organization based in Cleveland, Ohio or

These are the same folks who have brought you the Strange Daze Festivals - America's Premier Outdoor SpaceRock Festival.

The Solar Fire Lightshow is a 3D Psychedelic Lightshow featuring 35mm space scenes, stars, swirling kaleidoscopic colors, oil wheels, moire`s, black lights, strobes, smoke and moonflower effects. It's an extra-sensory overload and a lush, psychedelic feast for the eyes. No two shows are ever the same!

The Solar Fire Lightshow has provided lighting for many acts from all over the world. In Feburary of 2000 we were invited to New Zealand and Australia to provide visual stimulation for the Hawkwind audiences who attended Hawkwind's first ever down under tour!

The Solar Fire Lightshow can provide a stunning visual backdrop for almost any musical act or theme and is proud to have worked with the following fine bands: Hawkwind - Ozric Tentacles - Gong - Daevid Allen - Alien Planetscapes - F/i - Porcupine Tree - Architectural Metaphor - Chrome - Helios Creed - Nucleon - Quarkspace - and many, many others!

Listen to what they`re saying:

"Pure genius in it's simplicity" - A.Einstein
"It burned our skin like the Fires of Hell" - Ted & Ed
"It's a clinking, clanking, clattering, collection of caliginous junk"
- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
"I thought it was the Second Coming!!" - John Paul II
"The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto it..." - J.C.
"It sucks!" - Billy V.

Oh well....I guess you just can't please EVERYONE!!!

Anyone interested in booking The Solar Fire Lightshow for your event or tour can contact Jim Lascko via:


The Solar Fire Lightshow - Promo

The SFL as "The Phenomenon of Lumunosity"

The SFL with the Ozric Tentacles

The SFL @ "Yuri's Night Out" - Promo

The SFL @ "Yuri's Night Out"

The SFL Children's Christmas Show



Jim Lascko - August 2017


Solar Fire Lightshow
Solar Fire Lightshow
Solar Fire Lightshow
Solar Fire Lightshow
Solar Fire Lightshow
Solar Fire Lightshow
Solar Fire Lightshow
Solar Fire Lightshow
Solar Fire Lightshow
Solar Fire Lightshow