Wonderland Lightshow


Wonderland Light Show was founded in 1967 by Peter van Wijngaarden and Frans Room in Holland.

From Linda Willemszoon:

Founding member Peter van Wijngaarden asked me to design the illustrations for sixty new psychedelic slides.

This was not an easy job because the original parts for the antiquated equipment were hard to find. It took me over two years.

In that time period Peter was getting ill and he asked me if I would like to take over the craft of the Light Show.

I thought about it for a moment and said yes. We practiced together for over a year. We did several shows together and a beautiful Farwell Tour for Peter.

Dutch Art Nouveau artist Jan Toorop is probably my biggest influence, mainly the he way the lines are flowing is his drawings. The psychedelic music art from the 60s and 70s was also a big inspiration.

Wonderland Light Show has worked with The Damned and Dirty at Patronaat Haarlem (2018) (also their album art),.

Ummagumma at De Fabriek Zaandam and Paradiso Amsterdam (2018)

The Bootleg Doors at T Gebouw Tilburg (2018),

Jeff Heijne two music videos and album art (2018), Mind the Mill at De FluX Zaandam (2019) (also their album art)

Cello player Renate Apperloo At My Home Zaandam (2019),

City Coyote (2020) and many more artists.

Wonderland also worked together with actress Elise Fernandez at Puppet Internation Meppel and Door Het Lint Festival Wormer (2018/2019).

With Poet Jez Keighley at Zaandam (2019).

Artprojects like Artroute Landjuweel Ruigoord (2019). Wildeburg Festival, together with WerkTuig art collective (2018).

I also have a collaboration with guitarist Micha Sprenger (2020) at the #Wonderlandlivestreams, we do our own livestream with artists as guest at Wonderland.

In the past we have cooperated with Light Show Sphinx and VJ Team Rocket.

The name is based on the books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) by Lewis Caroll.

For bigger light shows I ask the grandson of founding member Frans Room to help me out, Orin is a real liquid light show master.

My first light show without founding member Peter van Wijngaarden, was quite exciting. It was in the beautiful Paradiso in Amsterdam. I was nervous if the light from my projectors would reach the stage, as it was about 50 meters away.

A big white Curtain was hanging there, 10 x 10 meters. When I put on the projector, I kept my eyes closed. I counted one, two, three and looked. Thankfully, it was magical, the whole background was filled with liquid light.

The pictures are by Ron Koffeman and Julian den Ouden, from several light shows and our gear.


Liquid light: B.A.F. 250 watt, Aldis Tutor 250 watt, Aldis Tutor 500 watt, Aldis Tutor 1000 watt, glass slides and ink. Psychedelic illustrations: Kodak projectors, slides and Colorwheels.

I changed the inks to natural dyes and water-based colours. Overhead projectors 3M and Presentation Partner M 575. A lot of prisms and hand drawn illustrations.

Analoque Animation effects and dryed flowers in combination with water are also used. At Wonderland we have our own herbarium. This is also the connection between me and Peter: the love of botanical shapes and colours.

I started out with 14 projectors and now have 20

Contact: Linda Willemszoon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wonderlandlichtshow
Instagram: @wonderlandlichtshow


Linda Willemszoon - August 2020


Images Copyright Ron Koffeman and Julian den Ouden
(All Rights Reserved)

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Wonderland Lightshow

Peter van Wijngaarden

Wonderland Lightshow

Peter van Wijngaarden

Wonderland Lightshow
Wonderland Lightshow
Wonderland Lightshow
Wonderland Lightshow
Wonderland Lightshow
Wonderland Lightshow
Wonderland Lightshow
Wonderland Lightshow
Wonderland Lightshow