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October 23rd

Updated - Midnight Court Memories, Sphinx Lightshow, Mark Boyle’s Sensual Laboratory, Bands - F.

Added page for Electric Sunshine Light Show,


October 18th

Updated - Bands - D, Bands - E

Added page for Zeta Lightshow,


October 15th

Updated Readers Charts,

Added page for Trancendental Aurora Lightshow, U.F.O (Utrecht).


October 13th

Updated P & P Lightshow Performance, Holy See, Thomas Edison, Chronikles - 2020, Bands - C, Fruit Salad Lights.

Added pages for Berkeley Cinematheque,


October 9th

New images added to Wick Light Show, Liquid Len, An Arc Lights and Soulshine Liquid Art Lightshow.

Added pages for Lumina Light Show, John Lumley-Savile, The Phenomenon of Luminosity Lightshow


October 8th

Added pages for Light Brigade, Optical Psych Out, Nirvana Lights, Co2ro Light Show, 'Battle Hardened' Leitz Prado added to Equipment Hall Of Fame

October 6th

Added Ghost House Light Show

Albums added to Bands B:

Birmingham Sunday - A Message From Birmingham Sunday, Belfast Gypsies - Them Belfast Gypsies, The Beginning - This Is..., Befour Three O'Clock - Happen Happened (Salvation Army), Beacon Street Union - The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens, Beacon Street Union - The Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union.


October 4th

Updated Androide Light Show.

October 2nd


Updated Fruit Salad Lights Bio.

Albums added to Bands A:

Agnes Strange - Theme For A Dream, Aguaturbia - Psychedelic Drugstore, All Saved Freak Band - My Poor Generation, Ancient Grease - Women And Children First, Arcadium - Breathe Awhile, Armaggedon - Armaggedon, Ant Trip Ceremony – 24 Hours.

Albums added to Bands S:

Robert Savage - The Adventures Of Robert Savage Vol. 1

September 30th

Added Myriad Lights and Liquid Nebula Light Show pages.


September 23rd

Added Simultaneous Avalanche Light Show page.