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May 21st


Updated: Mark Boyle’s Sensual Laboratory, Bob Holt Light Productions, UMA Light Show (Brighton).


May 2nd

Added: Light Institute, Captain Video.

Updated: Jerry Abrams Headlights, Eyes Of Kamphalous, Fantasmagoria, Dr. P.H. Martins Magic Medicine Show, Ibis Electronics


May 1st

Added: Supa Nova Lights, Epsilon, Belmer Wright, Lightyear,

Updated: Theatre Of Light, Heavy Water,


February 24th

Added: Neon Meate Dream, Electric Orgasm, Pharos.

Updated: The Odd Light Show/Liquid Light Orchestra, Light Show Index.

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated....just had some Health Issues to deal with...still upright :-)

October 20th

Updated: Sphinx Light Show, About Us, Light Show Index, Bands - I

October 18th

Updated: Bands - D, Bands - E, Bands - G, Bands - M, Bands - S, Bands - T, Literature - C, Literature - D,


October 14th

Updated: Bands - C, Bands - G, Bands - H, Bands - L, Bands - M, Bands - S, Bands - T, Bands - V,

October 7th

Updated: Bands - A, Bands - B, Bands - C, Bands - E, Bands - F, Bands - G, Bands - P, Bands - W.


September 29th

Added: Moonglum.

Updated: Light Brigade (Sacramento), Books - M


August 21st

Added: Captain Candlepower and the Lumen Brigade, Epiglottus, Egg Lites, Gypsy Moth,


August 20th

Added: King Kong Light Machines, Mastronix.


August 18th

Added: Lovelights Light Show, Hydrosonic Light Show, Ben McKenzie, B.F.D, Inimitable Purple Chinch Bug Esq.

Updated: Captain Johnson's Lite Show, Light Show Hall Of Fame.


August 17th

Updated: Light Show Index


August 4th

Added: Eyes Of Kamphalous, Pilot Light, Anathema, Aphrosense, Bulb, Granfalloon, Mr. What and his Colour Circus.

Updated: Light Brigade Light Show , Simultaneous Avalanche,


July 28th


Updated: Bands - D


April 14th

Updated: Bands - H, Bands - R, Compilations Page 3,


March 27th

Updated: Acid Head, Pooter's Light Show Index


February 22nd

Added: Starchild, Barsoomian Flyer, Ibis Electronics Enviromental, Highlights.

Updated: Addled Chromish, Cameo Quotient Illuminations, Oaken Shield Cameo, Lumina, Phantasmagoria,


February 17th

Updated:Pooter's Light Show Index


February 9th

Added: Don Buchla Sound-Light Console, That Blinkin' Light Co., Sweetness In Light

Updated: Aural Plasma, Bayshore Fruit Co., New Bop City Lights, People's Light & Power Co., Dr. Zarkov, Family Circle, New Looney Toones Light Circus, Bands - M, Bands - S, High Society.


February 3rd

Added: Astral Projection (Orange County), Bill Chiarmonte's Ultra-Light Show, Butterfly Lights, Celestial Kaleidoscope, Celestial Light Show.

Updated: Garden of Delights, Great Brain Robbery, God's Eye, Intergalactic Light Show Company, Gum, Electroluminecense, Magic Theatre, Night Blindness, Omega's Eye, Picadilly, Pablo, The Road, Art - Mari Tepper, Thomas Edison.


February 2nd

Announcement: After 23 years of researching Light Shows, today we crossed the line of 1000 and are currently at 1008 Light Shows - Pooter's Light Show Index

A special thanks to Neil Rice who has been contributing lots of research for this section of the site over the years.


January 31st

Added: Cochabamba Candle Choir, Orphylic Death, Solar System Light & Power Co., Sour Milk, Spectra, WECO,

Updated: U.S.U, York Town Power & Lights, Shadowcast, Light Brigade (Sacramento), Trans-Love Airways, Liquid Len & The Lensmen, High Society, The Family Cat, Joe's Lights, Acidhead Lights, Phantasmagoria.


January 28th

Updated: Allison Wonderland, Acidica, Brite Black, Meat, Trans Euphoric Express, Lux Sit And Dance, Ecto Plasmic Assault, Temporary Optics, Out & Out Perversion.


January 25th

Added: Brite Black Lite Show,

Updated: Lysertia/Lysergia, Holy Ghost, Links

January 20th

Added: Lysertia/Lysergia

Updated: Deadly Nightshade, Amen Ra, Nerve Center,

Removed: Meteor Illusion (Rejected = Disco Lighting Company), Maxine (Rejected = Stage Lighting, NOT Liquids)


January 17th

Added: Cartoon Light Show, Espial Light Company, Fantasmagoria, Morpheus.


January 13th

Updated: Mass Spectrometer/Cerebrum Lights, Liquid Len & The Lensmen, Deadly Nightshade, Explosive Spectrum, Medicine Lights, Mind Machine, Zeta Cepheid Inc, Pablo Lightshow.

January 11th

Added: Acroterian Lights, Elysium Lights

January 2nd

Added: Etherlight, Mad Hatters

Updated: Lux Sit And Dance

December 31st

Updated - Looking Glass - Middle Earth Memories

December 9th

Added: Visions of Johanna, Strange Brew, The Underground Construction, Solar Clipper, Rain of Wizardry, Rob Simpson, Ron Henderson, Orb Lights, New Bop City Lights, Jim Arnold, PhosPhor Visuals.

Updated: Wonderland Lightshow, Windows and Clouds, Dry Paint, Five Acre Lights, Tony Martin, Maresia.

December 6th

Added: Flying Curcus, Liquified, Maresía,

Updated: All Night Harmonica Shop, Mind Alchemists, Alice In Wonderland Mystery Trip 4, Amoeba Light Show, Aurora Glory Alice, Bob Holt Light Productions, Acid Mothers Temple October 14th 2022, Chronikles - 2022, Heavy Water.

December 5th

Added: Array.

Updated: Visio Workshop Lights, UBU Films, Ellis D. Fogg, Crimson Madness, Light Show Index.