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The Eagle's Gift - Carlos Castaneda

The Eagle's Gift - Carlos Castaneda (ISBN-13 : 978-0671732516)

Carlos Castaneda takes the reader into the very heart of sorcery, challenging both imagination and reason, shaking the very foundations of our belief in what is natural and logical.

His landscape is full of terrors and mysterious forces, as sharply etched as a flash of lightning on the deserts and mountains where don Juan takes him to pursue the sorcerer's knowledge--the knowledge that it is the Eagle that gives us, at our births, a spark of awareness, that it expects to reclaim at the end of our lives and which the sorcerer, through his discipline, fights to retain. Castaneda describes how don Juan and his party, left thisworld--the warriors of don Juan's party had caught me for an eternal instant, before they vanished into the total light, before the Eagle let them go through--and how he, himself, upon witnessing such a sight, jumped into the abyss.

Echoes in Time: Garage and Psychedelic Music Explosion, 1980-90

Echoes in Time: Garage and Psychedelic Music Explosion, 1980-90 - Timothy Gassen (ISBN-13 : 978-0951287538)

This book contains hundreds of band histories, discographies and interviews; historical analysis of the music, video and events of the 1980s garage scene; a guide to 1980s garage/psych compilations and fanzines; and dozens of rare photos and graphics.

Eight Miles High: Folk-Rock's Flight from Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock

Eight Miles High: Folk-Rock's Flight from Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock - Richie Unterberger
(ISBN-13 : 978-0879307431)

Eight Miles High documents the evolution of the folk-rock movement from mid-1966 through the end of the decade. This much-anticipated sequel to Turn! Turn! Turn! (00330946) - the acclaimed history of folk-rock's early years - portrays the mutation of the genre into psychedelia via California bands like the Byrds and Jefferson Airplane; the maturation of folk-rock composers in the singer-songwriter movement; the re-emergence of Bob Dylan and the creation of country-rock; the rise of folk-rock's first supergroup, CSN&Y; the origination of British folk-rock; and the growing importance of major festivals from Newport to Woodstock.

Based on firsthand interviews with such folk-rock visionaries as: Jorma Kaukonen, Roger McGuinn, Donovan, Judy Collins, Jim Messina, Dan Hicks and dozens of others.

Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music

Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music - Rob Young
(ISBN-13 : 978-0571237531)

Rob Young investigates how the idea of folk has been handed down and transformed by successive generations - song collectors, composers, Marxist revivalists, folk-rockers, psychedelic voyagers, free festival-goers, experimental pop stars and electronic innovators.

In a sweeping panorama of Albion's soundscape that takes in the pioneer spirit of Cecil Sharp; the pastoral classicism of Ralph Vaughan Williams and Peter Warlock; the industrial folk revival of Ewan MacColl and A. L. Lloyd; the folk-rock of Fairport Convention, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, Shirley Collins, John Martyn and Pentangle; the bucolic psychedelia of The Incredible String Band, The Beatles and Pink Floyd; the acid folk of Comus, Forest, Mr Fox and Trees; The Wicker Man and occult folklore; the early Glastonbury and Stonehenge festivals; and the visionary pop of Kate Bush, Julian Cope and Talk Talk, Electric Eden maps out a native British musical voice that reflects the complex relationships between town and country, progress and nostalgia, radicalism and conservatism.

An attempt to isolate the 'Britishness' of British music - a wild combination of pagan echoes, spiritual quest, imaginative time-travel, pastoral innocence and electrified creativity - Electric Eden will be treasured by anyone interested in the tangled story of Britain's folk music and Arcadian dreams.

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test - Tom Woolfe

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test - Tom Woolfe
(ISBN 9780552993661)

In the summer of 1964, author Ken Kesey and his Merry Band of Pranksters set out on an awesome social experiment like no other.

Blazing across America in their day-glo schoolbus, doped up and deep ‘in the pudding’, the Pranksters’ arrival on the scene – anarchic, exuberant and LSD-infused – would turn on an entire counter-culture, and provide Tom Wolfe with the perfect free-wheeling subject for this, his pioneering masterpiece of New Journalism. (Jarvis Cocker)

Embryo – A Pink Floyd Chronology 1966-1971 - Nick Hodges and Ian Priston

Embryo – A Pink Floyd Chronology 1966-1971 -
Nick Hodges and Ian Priston (ISBN: 1901447073)

A must for any serious fan, the book traces the history of the early work of the Pink Floyd from when they had recently formed to before the beginnings of their epochal work “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, including the solo history of their first enigmatic leader Syd Barrett.An archetypal labour of love, the chronology is a high quality, definitive history of the day to day work of the band.

Featuring a fully comprehensive study of recordings available to collectors, rare concert ads, and studious timings and transcriptions. The detail of this book will surpass the high standards that Pink Floyd collectors demand.

The authors have painstakingly tracked down long lost reviews, recordings and appearances on television and in films, and have collated them all together in a clear and concise form, whilst offering their own detailed reviews and commentary.

Correcting mistakes made previously, the book also represents a fully equipped and up to date research resource which is made easily accessible by a detailed index and chapter by chapter endnotes.

All the illustrations in the book including its cover, have not been used in any other book about Pink Floyd. Of particular interest will be a set of photographs taken by Irene Winsby of the band during a rehearsal in January 1967.

Expanded Cinema - Gene Youngblood

Expanded Cinema - Gene Youngblood (ISBN13: 9780525472636)

First published in 1970, Gene Youngblood’s influential Expanded Cinema was the first serious treatment of video, computers, and holography as cinematic technologies. Long considered the bible for media artists, Youngblood’s insider account of 1960s counterculture and the birth of cybernetics remains a mainstay reference in today’s hypermediated digital world. This fiftieth anniversary edition includes a new Introduction by the author that offers conceptual tools for understanding the sociocultural and sociopolitical realities of our present world.

A unique eyewitness account of burgeoning experimental film and the birth of video art in the late 1960s, this far- ranging study traces the evolution of cinematic language to the end of fiction, drama, and realism. Vast in scope, its prescient formulations include “the paleocybernetic age,” “intermedia,” the “artist as design scientist,” the “artist as ecologist,” “synaesthetics and kinesthetics,” and “the technosphere: man/machine symbiosis.” Outstanding works are analyzed in detail. Methods of production are meticulously described, including interviews with artists and technologists of the period, such as Nam June Paik, Jordan Belson, Andy Warhol, Stan Brakhage, Carolee Schneemann, Stan VanDerBeek, Les Levine, and Frank Gillette. An inspiring Introduction by the celebrated polymath and designer R. Buckminster Fuller—a perfectly cut gem of countercultural thinking in itself—places Youngblood’s radical observations in comprehensive perspective.

Providing an unparalleled historical documentation, Expanded Cinema clarifies a chapter of countercultural history that is still not fully represented in the arthistorical record half a century later. The book will also inspire the current generation of artists working in ever-newer expansions of the cinematic environment and will prove invaluable to all who are concerned with the technologies that are reshaping the nature of human communication.

Eye Mind: Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators - Paul Drummond

Eye Mind: Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators - Paul Drummond
(ISBN-13 : 978-0976082262)

The trailblazing 13th Floor Elevators released the USA's first psychedelic album, transforming culture throughout the 1960s and beyond. Their battles with Texas's repressive authorities were legendary, and eventually forced lead singer Roky Erickson into a mental institution.

This fascinating biography breaks years of silence by band members and addresses the huge cult following by Elevators fans in both the US and worldwide. With a foreword by Julian Cope.