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1967: A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love

1967: A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love - Harvey Kubernik
(ISBN-13 : 978-1454920526)

In 1967, tens of thousands of young people streamed into San Francisco, kicking off a social transformation that shook the world. In this book, Harvey Kubernik embarks on an insider's musical exploration of the Summer of Love. The main narrative is multi-voiced, based on a treasure trove of exclusive interviews with 1967's significant scene-makers and musicians by Kubernik - who knows them all.

1971: Never A Dull Moment

1971: Never A Dull Moment - David Hepworth
(ISBN-13 : 978-1784162061)

The Sixties ended a year late on New Year's Eve 1970, when Paul McCartney initiated proceedings to wind up The Beatles. Music would never be the same again.

The next day would see the dawning of a new era. 1971 saw the release of more monumental albums than any year before or since and the establishment of a pantheon of stars to dominate the next forty years Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Rod Stewart, the solo Beatles and more.
January that year fired the gun on an unrepeatable surge of creativity, technological innovation, blissful ignorance, naked ambition and outrageous good fortune. By December rock had exploded into the mainstream.
How did it happen? This book tells you how. It's the story of 1971, rock s golden year.

Naked Lunch - William Burroughs

Naked Lunch - William Burroughs
(ISBN-13 : 978-0586085608)

The anarchic, phenomenally strong-sellling classic from the godfather of the Beats.

Welcome to Interzone…

Say hello to Bradley the Buyer, the best narcotics agent in the business. Attend international playboy A.J.’s annual party, where the punch is to be treated with extreme caution. Meet Dr ‘Fingers’ Schafer, the Lobotomy Kid and his giant centipede, ‘The Complete American De-anxietized Man.’ And enter the dark and infernal mind of Bill Lee as he pursues his daily quest for the ultimate merchandise…

Provocative, influential, morbidly fascinating, ‘Naked Lunch’ is an apocalyptic ride through the darker recesses of the human psyche.

No One Here Gets Out Alive: The Biography of Jim Morrison

No One Here Gets Out Alive: The Biography of Jim Morrison - Jerry Hopkins, Daniel Sugerman (ISBN-13 : 978-0859651387)

Jim Morrison - singer, philosopher, poet, delinquent - is portrayed in all his complexity in this world-famous biography by two men who knew him during his short but incandescent career. Subject of a major film directed by Oliver Stone,

No One Here Gets Out Alive is an international best seller, the story of a young man whose short life and death encapsulated the highs and lows of the mythic sixties.

No Simple Highway: A Cultural History of the Grateful Dead - Peter Richardson

No Simple Highway: A Cultural History of the Grateful Dead - Peter Richardson
(ISBN-13 : 978-1250010629)

For almost three decades, the Grateful Dead was America's most popular touring band. No Simple Highway is the first book to ask the simple question of why--and attempt to answer it. Drawing on new research, interviews, and a fresh supply of material from the Grateful Dead archives, author Peter Richardson vividly recounts the Dead's colorful history, adding new insight into everything from the Acid Tests to the band's formation of their own record label to their massive late career success, while probing the riddle of the Dead's vast and durable appeal.

Arguing that the band successfully tapped three powerful utopian ideals--for ecstasy, mobility, and community--it also shows how the Dead's lived experience with these ideals struck deep chords with two generations of American youth and continues today.

Routinely caricatured by the mainstream media, the Grateful Dead are often portrayed as grizzled hippy throwbacks with a cult following of burned-out stoners. No Simple Highway corrects that impression, revealing them to be one of the most popular, versatile, and resilient music ensembles in the second half of the twentieth century. The band's history has been well-documented by insiders, but its unique and sustained appeal has yet to be explored fully. At last, this legendary American musical institution is given the serious and entertaining examination it richly deserves.